You’ve given me the power to be me,

Embrace all my flaws, mistakes, my imperfections,

Before I felt drained and old,

Now I have purpose and courage.

Maybe it was always there,

I had to weather the storm (and motha fucka, I’ve weathered some nasty ass storms, you best believe)

To get to where I am now.


Know my life wasn’t always glamorous (not that it is now, but it aint to shabby)

Some of the things that I have learnt along the way was to never compare your life to someone else’s.

And let me tell you IVE COMPARED MANY times. (and lost)

It never makes me feel any better about myself.

I learnt to not speak badly about myself, to myself or to others.

That you need to fail in order to succeed.


Life comes with its ups and downs, enjoy both, but one more than the other. (can you guess which one?!)

Well that’s all for now

Inspiration struck. We will see when it does again, what comes up next.


THANKS FOR CHECKING OUT THIS POST! XO’s from VanCityGirl83 aka Jennie




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