Light at the end of the tunnel!


OK coming out thee other side of that dark hole. Thank God, there is light and warmth. I am so thankful. Writing that previous post was hard and unnerving and the sense of purging to say the least. To those who DONT know me that well, are probably like “WHOA that was intense”

Just another day folks, jus another day. Try walking in THESE shoes-I dare ya. Well I feel better NOT 100% but then again, I cant/dont expect that! If I am then I am not doing the work.

So many micro things going on:

-Significant other has a toothache for OVER a week, gonna be another week before getting ALL 4 wisdom teeth out.

(SIDE NOTE: OMG MEN!!!! COMMON. Tooth pain, really. Doesn’t give you the right to act a fool/be an ass-H 24/7-well even more so than usual anyways) SORRY HAD TO add that.

-Father’s day jus passed. My dad has been gone since I was 15. Aww I missed him this year, or just in general.

-Not enough sleep; keep getting disturbed by “roommate” with toothache! FML NO LITERALLY F**K MY LIFE!

-Decrease in appetite.

I mean it’s enough to drive and “sane” person INSANE. Hmm…You’re probably wondering what has helped you turn things around?

Answer: WHISKEY lots and lots of whiskey, and WEED!

I’m jus messing with ya. Well maybe just on the first part of that answer, the latter could be up for debate.

No really what has helped is getting some solid sleep, eating, drinking (i.e.: water, coffee, frozen lemonade from Tim’s) and reading. I am currently reading: Yesterday I cried By: Iyanla Vanzant. Just finished chapter one titled: What’s the lesson when you think you figured out the lesson, and you really haven’t?

I learnt SO MUCH about myself in these 46 pages THEN IN ANY OTHER BOOK THAT I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE!! Sorry had to write it like that, cause its so life changing. SO MANY “AH HA” moments. Its amazing and ridiculous all rolled into one. Well that’s it for now folks. I am gonna get me a midnight snack-oh wait its 1:43am. So then it’s just a late night snack. And I can hear thunder going on outside. See ya, till next time 🙂


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