Hello-Im-backHey guys n gal’s SO SORRY to have not put anything up in a LONG while. But as you see by the title of this post I am back. I have been going through A LOT TOO. Im sure we all have. As I see that my last post was on July 5th of this year. I tell ya since all my previous google stuff went up in flames I was hesitant to rebuild. But I have and did. So I got a new GooglePlus page, new youtube, new blog (this blog is the new blog)

Hmm what has been going on since last post. Where do I start. I spent the summer in LA & Vegas. Where I got sick 4 days into my vacay of which we were on our way from LA to Vegas. Let me tell you when your severely sick feels like DEATH WARMED UP-FOR REAL. But I could not let being SUPER UBER SICK stop me from having the time of my life. Thats how determined I am. Well that and my mini army of drugs from CVS. Anyways the “sickness” didn’t stop there it was only to get worse. I could not hear due to the fluid in my ear which caused my eardrums to pop and not unpop. My whole upper respitory system was infected and when I finally came home (Surrey, B.C Canada) I saw my doctor who put me on the maximum dosage of antibiotics (3000mg per day for 7 days) and an inhaler. I had a number of heath issues back-to-back. I swear ever since I turned 30 my health went to Hell. LITERALLY. But I am better now and enjoying being happy & HEALTHY. Every day that goes by makes me happy. Once you get older you realize that its the little things that count.

I am gonna add the links to my new youtube videos. Where I talk about crystals and related stuff, which is also a new venture of which I will be tweaking as time progresses.

My YouTube:


My Google+


My Twitter:



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