Crystal Therapy. How to heal & empower your life with Crystal energy. By: Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., and Judith Lukomski

Archangels: Gabriel & Sandalphon

Healing Properties: This helpful tool for discussing emotional issues is also an effective purification agent when cleansing your environment. In addition, it supports harmonious interactions and communication.

Message: “I walk with you in patience, ready to assist in cleansing so that you may speak your truth without hesitation. Service with love is my message: Reach beyond yourself through words and actions to unleash your talents and skills to their highest potential and greatest good”


Crystal system: Hexagonal

Chemistry: SiO2 Silicon dioxide with impurities

Hardness: 7

Source: Africa, England, USA, Russia

Chakra: Throat

Number: 44

Beneficial for: Organs in upper body, detoxification, depression, bloodstream, throat, immune system, overstimulation, spleen, and endocrine system. A master healer for any condition, multidimensional cellular memory healer, and efficient receptor for programming.

In addition to carrying the generic properties of Quartz, Blue Quartz reaches out to others and inspires hope, calms the mind, assuages fear, and assists in understanding your spiritual nature during metamorphosis. Excellent for overcoming disorganization, it instills mental clarity and self-discipline and fires creativity. Natural Blue Quartz may have Dumortierite, Aerinite, Rutile, or Indicolite included within it.

NOTE: Blue Quartz is a high vibrational stone.



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