In my short 32 years on this planet I have:

In my short 32 years on this planet I have:

-Lost a Father, All my grand parents, uncles, friends, brothers & sisters of the program
-Lost one parent to cancer while the other survives
-Overcome a 15 year addiction that started at the age of 9 and ended at the age of 24
-Overcome mental illness, I was on antidepressants for years, decades. Of which I have not been on in years.
-Contracted H1N1, pneumonia, bronchial pneumonia, staph infection (still dont know what the heck that is??) Been sick 9 out of 12 months of the year.
-Ive traveled the world.
-Never graduated, but still got accepted into a top 5 school in BC-passed with flying colors, considering I never liked school, or that it has been over 10+ years since I last went.
-Ive lived “the good life” had nothing but the best of everything, to couch surfing.
-Consider myself a jack of all trades, Ive dabbled in a lot of different type of careers/jobs
-Ive been dealt shit, gave shit, put up with shit.
-Loved with all my heart many times, had my heart broken many times.

The world or life has tried and tried to knock me down but I keep getting up, battered, black and blue, I get up, every morning, thankful, grateful to be alive, sober, clear headed. Wondering that after all that I have experienced, all that I have been through, that I have only scratched the surface, my greatest victory/win has yet to come. I take great comfort in that.


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