Well Hello ;-)

crystal_masters_333_sample_5Hey y’all goodness, whats been goin on in my life. Hmm. I recently had dental surgery. Got a tooth pulled. Which was a fiasco onto itself. My original dentist wanted to charge me $400+ on top of what my insurance covers. So I sought a second opinion. AND THANK GOWD FOR THAT. I consulted/reconnected with my counsellor. He stopped by and gave me some info and some contact info for another dentist. Which ended up saving me money and grief. Cause I originally had to ask my mum for the extra money. Which I NEVER do. And it killed me to ask her, making me sick. Anyways long story short. I had the surgery, took it like a champ. Though I did not like the people who did it. BAD VIBES. I mean common your dealing with people here taking shit out of their skulls!!! Be chill and fight in a private room WHERE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU!

What else has been going on. WAY TO MUCH!

-I’ve lost my bestie from high school. We were instant friends back in grade 10. We were partners in crime. She was blonde, beautiful and I was the Pocahontas type, interesting that I used that? Whatever. Jus goin with it. Anywho she died tragically, she was younger than me. And I am jus gonna leave it at that. Shits to hard to get into. Though out of the two of us, I wonder why I’m the one still here. Everyone knew I was the mess, but thats the paradox of life. One lives the other dies. Fuck!

-I lost my auntie Coltz. Goddess bless her heart. I know she (and Kali=my bestie) are watching over me. Goodness I got an army of loved ones up there watching over me. I am blessed, and cursed it seems.

-Oh yeah IM VEGAN NOW! Saw this movie called Earthlings. Changed my life, and haven’t touched meat since. And never felt better. Its been bout 6 months now. Going strong, gonna stick with it. I get more nutrients now. So healthy. Loving it!

-Hmm my BF’s laptop, the one I am on the memory fried. What a pain in the f’ing ass! Ugh don’t even get me started on that! NEXT…

-Another fathers day has come and gone, f**k I hate it. Not cause I hate my father, quite the opposite, I was a daddy’s girl growing up and my dad died when I was 17. That sh*t killed me. Went off the deep end for like a couple of year.

Hmm…I know there is more, but you will just have to stay tuned. Thanks for checking this out. Hope ya liked. Don’t worry I got a bunch of great content coming up. Getting back into the swing. #FullThrottle


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