Fell Asleep Balling My Eyes Out…

I relived the experience of growing up,

All the way from grade 5 till bout the age of 24.

It was excruciating.

What it was like to ALWAYS be the black sheep.

The words I’m typing don’t even do my feelings justice.

I remember feeling for feeling what it was like loosing my father to cancer.

The traumatic scenes from a movie that were my life.

After fist finding out that my father was diagnosed with cancer

My life was forever altered.

It wasn’t long before sought my new master at that time in my life.

That master was alcohol & oblivion

Gods honest truth (If you believe in that sort of thing) from the ages of 9-24 all I know about that time period is pure hearsay. Its ONLY from what others HAVE TOLD ME about what I did. That I remember. I’m not joking ask my mother, brother, my man, my counselor.

You don’t even know the depths of despair Ive felt, the sanity I lost.

I was the one who brought myself back from Hell. I saved myself. I looked the demon in the face and told it TRY HARDER. Then I asked for Divine assistance and received it.

You don’t know the level of pain I could bring into your reality, if I was really a vicious, conniving, manipulating cunt face bitch. You wanna see psycho, jus PISS ME off, jus look at me a certain way, nobody knows what triggers it. But jus HOPE for your own sake you DON’T trigger it. You think I’m strong now, jus wait!

Sorry jus speaking frankly. I don’t intend to do any of the above. Its jus you really never know the people your interacting with. I am simply giving you a fair warning 😛 I honestly TRY very hard not to be that person. As releasing that type of negative energy, is hazardous to everyone’s health.


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