11146102_10152701889207120_1577043329054890432_nThis blog is a kind of a rebuild.I just had ALL MY Google accounts HACKED! My previous blog was on Blogger. Now I don’t mean to drop all kinds of names & labels. This is not a poor me thing. Yes at first it UBERLY sucked. I mean any  blogger knows how much time and effort we/one puts into a blog. Yes my previous blog was/is my BABY. But (pardon my french) SH*T HAPPENS. It’s the way of the world, of cyberspace for that matter.

So looking at this from a positive perspective. I decided to take it as a sign. To start from nothing. To rebuild my blog. And in the infamous words of Drake:

We started from the bottom, now we’re here.

I just wanted to add that this whole concept is a new adaptation for me. But I am adapting like any other person would to a new thing/place or concept.  So bear with me on this #NewBloggingJourney as I am still getting the lay of the land. I also have a firm belief in myself. That I can do anything once I have put my mind to it. ANYONE can. I believe that this new blog will be better than its predecessor. I will learn a new websites settings and modifying options (blah blah f*ckin blah,technical jargon-YOU know what I mean)

But know this about me. My life is an open book. I share from my heart, I share what inspires me. I share my life experiences. Sometimes there are many (and sometimes not so much) LOL But the one thing that remains true. No matter where I am writing or on what platform. I blog because I enjoy it. Its one of my many passions. I dont punch out posts JUST for the sake of posting. It goes against every grain of my nature.

Lastly I really wanted this blog to be  about me living AUTHENTICALLY. Put it ALL on the line. Bare my soul type of stuff. I am excited to see where that takes me, AND a little nervous. There is vulnerability in it. So thats all for now. Thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to subscribe, comment, like, favorite, share or message me, I would love to hear from you 😀



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